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HpcHFT Self Refreshing Browser Desktop

Easy2Use multi tabs refresh-and-switch controller
FAQ for Chrome Store version

Q1. What are steps to install the extension?

  1. Navigate to chrome store link for version

  2. It would bring up extension named “Easy2Use Browser Tabs Refresh and Roll”

  3. Click “Add to Chrome”

  4. This would install the extension and bring up deep purple extension management screen.

  5. The installation is complete at this point.

Q2. How is the extension turned on?

  1. Click on “Roll-Start” link.

Q3. How is the extension stopped”?

  1. Click on “Roll-Stop” link.

Q4. How does the extension work?

  1. When the extension is turned on - the browser would switch to first tab in current window.

  2. It would stay on this tab for 30 seconds (Individual Tab Stay Time). During this time it would refresh the next tab in background.

  3. At the end of 30 seconds it would switch to next tab and refresh action would move to following tab. This sequence would continue until user stops the extension by clicking on “Roll-Stop” link on extension management screen.

Q5. How to change the Tab Stay Time?

  1. In the extension management screen edit the time against the “Individual Tab Stay Time” option.

  2. Click Save to commit the change to store.

  3. Reset Extension by click me link next to it. This to load the new value.

  4. Click “Roll-Start” to start the extension.

Q5. How to report problems?

  1. Find the “Report a Problem” link in the middle of the management screen. The link can be accessed from Report a Problem

  2. Clicking on it brings up a web-form to report problems and provide feedback.

  3. Direct emails can be also sent to:

Q6. What are premium features?

  1. The premium /paid feature allows user to assign different stay times for 5 domains.

  2. It also allows to turn on / off automatic switch/refresh for these 5 domains.

Q7. How to pin extension to chrome bar?

  1. Navigate to chrome “manage extension pop up”/

  2. Pin the “Easy2Use Auto Tab Refresh & Switch”

  3. Click on the new icon on chrome bar.

  4. The pop up allows each to start/stop extension.

  5. It also has button to pay for premium features.

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